Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bored because of no work?

Found these cute cards at ABC last week.

A wonderfully appropriate thank you from a friend.

I have an idea. If you are losing your marbles because of lack of work - which seems to be a bit the case around town these days - start writing again. Write thank yous. Write little cards to people you are just thinking about. Emails are okay, but getting a cool card in the mail that you can arrange on a cork board or refrigerator since you have nothing else to do with your time is a good thing.

Pick a theme that reflects your life - furniture for me. Fashion for you? Poetry? Whatever. It's all good if it is you.

Cheer someone up. Cheer yourself up. Write a card.



  1. Write a card....write a blog! I'm kind of GLAD I don't have much paying work these days - more time for blogging! You are quite right, though, that getting a card in the mail among the bills and junk is a charmingly old-fashioned way to uplift a friend.

  2. I am a huge fan of the handwritten word! The ease and immediacy of email makes it the fallback communication these days, but I would prefer to promote the paper arts!

    Plus, there is the added benefit of keeping postal workers employed.


  3. I just thought of this! Maybe we could do a card ponzi scheme, but instead of money - we get cards from a bunch of people - and then send cards to a bunch more. Hmmm....not sure that works. But you get the idea?