Sunday, January 25, 2009

How Sweet it Is!

A simple French park chair

70's inspired?

Red and worn.

1950's office - dug out of the basement with plenty of rust.

Love these - kind of Weiner Werkstadt to me. I want them for my NY apartment.

The above are some of the "new" retro-inspired chairs at ABC Home - simple, primitive, no-nonsense.

I have discovered something unexpectedly sweet about being in New York.

I have time to think. To percolate on what I might do next with my little pied-a-terre. To page through my books, to find inspiration for the nursery I am doing for little Oliver. To imagine a future. To observe - street fashion, art, interiors, shop windows, even graffiti. I have time to serve my muse.

It is the kind of education you can't really pay for. It is such a privilege to stop - but not to stop for tv or news or socializing or exercise. It is a privilege to stop to ruminate on my work, on design, on colors and how things are put together, on what others are doing and seeing. On what is next for Lee and me.

I'm just digging this doing a whole lot of nothing. My imagination is getting a great workout.

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