Friday, April 10, 2009

Sittin" on the Dock of the Bay...Wasting Time....

My morning coffee view of the shining city.

One of the mornings the fog rolled in with the sun.

I just got home from a wonderful week in San Francisco - well, really, in Sausalito. We were only in the city one afternoon at the Design Center. I was working with a charming and smart client and we had more than our share of laughs and got oodles done! We ate our lunchtime sandwiches during meetings most days, then finally relaxed over wine in the evening looking at the sparkling city on the bay.

So, here are some heavenly views of the bay and the Golden City of San Francisco. This is from her Living Room. This is where I had morning coffee for the last week. Hmmm....what is outside my windows here in Minneapolis on this day in April? Grey spindly lifeless trees! Oh, well. Everywhere can't be beautiful.

Anyway, I head to the grocery because the cupboards are bare and I am checking out. The bag "boy" - really a 35-year old man, probably - says to the cashier, "You know, Time is the great teacher."
I have no idea where that came from or what they were discussing before I showed up, but I have to assume I was meant to hear it. It took me so by surprise and I couldn't stop thinking about it. And it really is true, isn't it? What this has to do with anything or my being in San Francisco, I have yet to figure out. But, they are probably related. I'll go sleep on it. And wake up both older and wiser.

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