Monday, October 12, 2009

Only in Minnesota.

My home in the snow. Look at the leaves on the trees!

Some sign of hopefulness, no?

When I was in Minneapolis during my last visit in September, it was 85 degrees and, daily, I complained that I did not have my summer clothes. I left my sandals and short sleeved tees in New York. Who ever heard of 85 degrees in September in Minneapolis. On top of that the electric outlet into which my AC is plugged gave way. I sweated through it, headed back to New York for more sensible and seasonal weather, hovering at 65 - 70 degrees every day.

Then I returned to Minneapolis a week ago and my furnace has been on since I landed. It has been in the 30's. From 85 to 30 in 2 weeks. That's Minneapolis for you. As the locals say, there are two seasons here. Winter and Road Construction. That was certainly true this year. (I had road construction on my street from June to October.) But, what I can't figure out....the leaves are still green and on the trees. It is very, very weird to have snow with green leaves on all the trees.

But, always trying to make the best of a weary thing (like snow on a day you have to drive somewhere) I noticed this charming setting on a lawn overlooking Lake Harriet. Next to the chair but not in the photo? A small grill. Only in Minnesota.

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