Thursday, October 1, 2009

When is there too much black?

Me, before leaving today. Chic or witchy?

As you may or may not know, I don't make a habit of putting photos of myself on my blog. This isn't Facebook. But as I was leaving this morning, I did my final mirror check to make sure I didn't have green things in my teeth and noticed how overwhelmingly black I looked.

My sister, Holly was here in nyc last weekend - girls' weekend! (Lee was away.) Lots of eating of croissants from EAT, drinking of wine, eating of mussels and walking, walking, walking. And window shopping, shopping, shopping. And a star siting in the Village - Barbra Streisand and handsome hubby James Brolin. On Saturday night we met my very best friend here in NY, Anna Hillegass, in the West Village, the tres chic neighborhood in Manhattan, at a cozy little restaurant called August - I would describe it as elevated European peasant food - rabbit, oxtail bolognese, and German-sounding dishes.

Holly brought mostly black to wear in nyc because she has learned that is easy and perfectly acceptable here. I have come to wear nothing but - with a dark denim now and then. So, here we are...these middle aged women, heading downtown for the night, both of us in 100% black. She commented, "Do you think we are taking this black thing a little too far?"

Well, I don't know, but this is how I feel about it. There is sooooo much visual stimulation in nyc. There is sooooo much visual stimulation in my work! I just need to not have to think about putting together clever outfits every morning. And, all black is just less expensive. It becomes about the silhouette, not the color. It is modern and architectural and sort of like sculpture on the body (of course, a great young body would add to the quality of the sculpture!) So, I'm still all about black, but I'm starting to wonder a little if I am becoming a cliche. I don't know. But, then, someone (a woman about my age) walked by me on the street today and, smiling, said she liked my outfit - my skirt. It was "cute." Wow. New York. Imagine. People are actually rather nice here. And, that made me feel more secure about my black. When I told Lee about it, he thought I was being hit on by a lesbian. Men! They just don't get it.

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  1. Not to mention the best reason of is slimming, or so they say.