Friday, October 30, 2009

Present Time Magic.

A wonderful view of downtown from the 12th floor window.
Seems so old New York.

The mannequins.

This is the sculpting and casting room. Want your head sculpted???

Anna taking a snooze in one of the chairs.

9th floor pieces.

Anna and I spent the afternoon together scouting a wonderful small apartment in her building in the West Village for one of my magazines, then moving on to Ralph Pucci on our way to ABC to shop for my clients. Well, Ralph Pucci is one of those places you would never find without trying - it is on the 9th and 12th floor of an unremarkable building on West 18th. We couldn't quite believe this was right. Surely, Ralph Pucci would be in something flashier than this! But, we were quite wrong. We walked in and, after proving I was trade by giving someone my card, who was tucked away in a kind of indoor wooden shed. the whole thing reminded me of the Wizard of Oz - he, being Oz and tucking his head in and out of the curtain that hid all the secrets of Oz. Then he gave us permission to look around and it was quite unlike anything I had seen. I felt like I had been transported back to 1965, London and I needed go-go boots, a mini dress and big eyelashes. It was crazy. But, crazy good. if the furniture on the 12th floor wasn't enough, our salesperson, Wade from Minnesota, said he'd take us to the 9th floor with a stop on the 11th to see the mannequins. Mannequins? Well, yes, Ralph's mother started one of the first mannequin businesses in Brooklyn in the 1940's and it is still a big part of their business today! It was other-worldly and Anna and I thought we had hit the jackpot - just one happy experience after another!

Sometimes our time is like that. My husband calls it Present Time Magic.

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