Sunday, March 14, 2010

How Time Flies

One of the projects I was working on in my blogging absence. I love this place and the owners, Jeff and Sabena - they have such darn good taste!

You know you haven't been posting enough when your mother calls and says, "Honey, are you okay? You haven't been blogging."

She's right and I hardly noticed. I am now back in NY (after 2 weeks in Minneapolis during which time I posted once!) What can I say? I'm busy. Down to the wire racing to appointments writing orders and selecting last minute lighting before the Baker, Knapp and Tubbs sale ends. My design work is alive and well and it makes me oh so happy to see people excited about their spaces.

So, give me a few days to catch my breath here in soggy NY and I'll come up with some entertainment one way or another.

Best news? I'm on vacation! I'm on a self-declared writing retreat at the New York Society Library for the next two weeks. I'm also on deadline, which makes it work, not a vacation, doesn't it? Oh, well. I can pretend.

Happy Birthday to Lee today, love of my life, pain in the ass sometimes, too. We're going to paint Ukrainian Easter Eggs. Ya gotta love it. It's what he wanted to do. Will send photos later.


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