Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I need your opinion, Miss Manners!

I am at the hairdresser and a lovely, rather chic mom and her pretty teenaged daughter just walked in. They sat down in front of me to wait for their appointment. They are both chewing gum, with their mouths open. Madly and with great gusto. Now they are talking and chewing gum and we get to see it! They chew, smile and talk like they are cheerleaders for a winning team. Oh, and now the mom is doing that thing where they stick their tounge out and spin it between the teeth and tongue! It is a veritable circus act going on in front of my eyes. This makes me long for the day people smoked to manage their oral fixations!

I do not like gum chewing in public. One of Isabelle's friend's mothers did not allow her children to chew gum - she thought it looked like a cow chewing its cud. And I realize I think the same thing.

So...please!!!! Weigh in. Am I waaayyyy off base here? Should I lighten up, get over it? Live and let live. Que sera!

Since I am not going to get these people to give up their gum, should I also back off my husband and daughter if they want to chew it sometimes?????

Help me Miss Manners!

1 comment:

  1. nasty, noisy, popping and smacking gum chewing should only be permitted in the privacy of one's own car, driving solo down an anonymous highway where you're sure you won't see anyone you know. NEVER in the company of others! yuck.