Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fun Fact to Know and Tell

Did you know that the Basque language is the ONLY language that is not traceable to another original language? Like, Latin or the Indo-Chinese languages. Crazy, huh? How is that possible?

Well, my brother, Kelly knew this. And you might expect that. He used to read encyclopedias when he was a child. And Isabelle knew this because she just returned from San Sebastion in Spain where they speak Basque and literally spit on the ground when she told people she lived in Madrid. Touchy. And I thought it was bad between the red and blue states here.

Anyway, I think it is a great little thing to bring up at a party if you are just bored out of your stockings and feel responsible for making some kind of conversation with someone who is a lead post.

All for now. Off to the salon where I will share this fun fact with my hairdresser, Tom.

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