Friday, July 30, 2010

And the answer is......Minneapolis

Well, that was a photo taken in Minneapolis near Loring Park.

Minneapolis is not known for its charm. Sorry. I wish it were so. It is not. Even the Walker, our premiere museum looks like an ice cube. You know what I mean? Minneapolis is not charming. The lakes are down home sweet. The people are awesome. Lucia's restaurant is as good as any at which I"ve ever eaten. Like, anywhere that I have been. But, "charming" is not a word one associates with Minneapolis - like those sweet little European places or even Charleston, SC or the "old" New Orleans.

So, I was so happy to find this scene near Loring Park last week when I was on my way to Citilights (my premiere lighting vendor!) Apparently, the businesses along this old alley got together and coughed up the cash to pave the alley in old brick. Good job! Of course, at one time, it WAS this old brick. But, that's where Minneapolis got it wrong. We destroyed most of whatever tethered us to a past. And now there is a lot of glassy architecture, which is anything but charming.

All I have to say is, I breathed deeply when I saw this. A sign. A sure sign.


  1. Actually, it was Joe Whitney (owner of Loring Corners building) who (with the help of dedicated staff) who pushed and pushed the city to "allow" Joe to pay for THIS alley (vs the alley the city planned. The city made them dance quite a bit and
    it took the better part of two years.... and yes, a community seems to be flourishing...

  2. hi Alecia
    I found you via "Pretty Mommy" and was going back through your old posts -- we just found this alley last weekend walking around while our son was at Sunday School at the Basilica -- we've been to Joe's & Lurcat but had never before been down the alley - so was quite a surprise & such a charming one at that! I love when you find a place in your city that makes you feel like you are somewhere else. You are right about Mpls not being charming -- but it's places like these that give us hope!!!

    Karmen in Mtka