Monday, May 16, 2011

Mad-town: Part 3

Flowers - even though 45, windy and rainy.

A baby carrot top!

The beautiful spring asparagus.

Isabelle shopping the market.

OMG. I hope I make it out of here alive. I have never, ever seen people able to drink so much - and still stand up. After Day 1, I took a vow of moderation. So, while others started at 11:00 a.m. with a Bloody and a Beer chaser (the ONLY way a Bloody is served here), I primly drank another glass of water. While Izzy and her 7 roommates and their mildly small families polished off a keg of some kind of very fancy Wisconsin brew, I sipped red wine because I know what that does to me. I just can't keep up. But....people are having a good time!

To this point, here is a CRAZY YouTube about the drinking in Wisconsin. Warning: "F-Bombs" heavily dropped.

Yesterday morning in the most ridiculously awful weather (45-degrees, wind, and mist) we went to the farmer's market, which wraps itself around the block of the beautiful icy white capital building. Isabelle says it is the largest purveyer's farmer's market in the US - the owners have to be on site at the market. It was fantastic - and busy - even in this heinous weather. The masses of darling babies, young couples, and a handful of older people were really charming. There were more than a few "HOT DADS DOING COOL SHIT" as Izzy calls darling fathers doing cool things. (She thinks this should be a blog and I totally think she is right!) One dad, about 35 - 40, had on a cute stocking hat, Elvis Costello glasses, his 6-month old baby girl in a front pack and he was carrying a bunch of tulips. He moved by me too quickly to get a shot. But the point was taken.

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