Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thank you overdue

I just want to say thank you for reading my blog - and for all you brave souls who comment! That makes my day.

love, happiness, peace.



  1. Alecia,
    Thanks for the thanks but as the ‘often as possible’ reader, I am long overdue in thanking you for the pleasurable breaks that your blog provides. Whenever I tune in I feel like I just experienced the most delicious, sensuous, heartfelt, honest, informative piece of soul. I enjoy your lovely and descriptive writings and musings about what you are seeing, doing, eating, thinking about. Your words just make me feel good, make me think, bring me awareness and sometimes echo my thoughts. Your blog is a holistic remedy for me that makes me sit up straighter and feel more energy, more alive. So, Thank You!

  2. Thank you for writing such a beautiful blog. Keep up the great work Alecia!

  3. hi honey. you're welcome. insert smiley face if you like those things. j