Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lee's New Deal: A Call to Inner Fitness

Dear Friends, 

This first week of January 2012, my husband, Lee, launched his new consulting practice, The Center for Imaginative Action.

This idea has been gestating for years in him, eight of them actively, while he was in graduate school at Pacifica Graduate Institute, one of only 2-3 schools in the country that acknowledges the role of the unconscious in the academic study of psychology. Isn't that nuts!!!!! Most psychology programs have become scientistic. We are no more than random atoms and biology. Ugh!

As a man who, in his 20s, worked with a celebrated Jungian analyst, Helen Luke, a psychology with "depth" is the one that captured Lee's imagination years ago. In September, many of you know he received his Ph.D. in Depth Psychology. His Center for Imaginative Action will be a place of retreat for those who find themselves on the cusp of change, for those who know it is time for re-invention, for those who seek meaning, for those looking for what Lee calls "inner fitness."

He will work with groups, business, couples, and individuals. He is especially capable of working with those facing unwelcome change and suffering. He is also an amazing friend to parents (with his many years as a Waldorf teacher , grades 1-6) who may need support in a world that often seems too grown up for the magic of childhood. 

Long story 60, he's jumping off the cliff (again) without a net.

This leaping skill is one we've honed together, by hook or by crook, over almost 19 years and, although, not without risk, we've learned to trust the invisible world that carries us along these winds of change ( most of them welcome, some of them more challenging.) At least monthly we hear, "We want your life." Or, "We want to be like you two when we grow up."  We work for ourselves, love our work, live in both Minneapolis and New York and spend one month a year in Italy. It is a good life. We are so happy to be role models, but we never forget that "this charmed life" required choices, a certain attitude about life-long learning (including time living apart) a belief in the magic of the human spirit and one's calling, vision, and hard work. It is not the safe approach to life. But it is incredibly satisfying. This is what Lee will teach people how to do.

To start, he is presenting his unique approach to creating the life that you want in the Introductory Retreat on 1/28/12  in South Minneapolis. It is called (Re)Imagine Your Life.

Of course, I adore him and think his work is worthwhile. But, I include this on my blog because many of you  have given me the privilege of getting to know you in a personal way and think you might appreciate and benefit from his work, or know someone close to you that would. Couples are especially welcome as lifelong learning (especially together) is one of our highest values.

If, in this New Year, you feel the winds (or hurricanes) of change rustling about, Lee may be a guide for you or for someone you love. It will be a fun day with cool people! I'm not missin' it.

Here is a flyer for his first event. His website is

Cheers - to a bright, courageous new year for all of you! 


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