Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Purging

We are in that annual purging mood. It is painfully annoying to those who prefer to spend the holiday chillin’ and drinking vino and watchin’ old Seinfeld episodes or even worse, old Star Trek! (You know who you are!) But, US, we are all about purging and getting it together. So we tore apart every drawer and shelf and nook and cranny in our main living area. Lee even went to the storage in the basement and dug around for artifacts from the past. Then, we had a RITUAL BURNING.

We were just going to throw out the 12 bags of garbage we created, but realized that it would be pretty easy to steal our identities (which could be either not that interesting or rather profitable, depending on how you ran with it.)  We don’t have a shredder, which we suddenly realized might be a good idea. I said, “I wish we could just burn it.”

Then, we realized that we could! We have a fireplace. So we spent an evening doing a ritual purging. We tossed lots of old, unwanted, unwelcome paper into the raging fire and toasted more than once to the future - and a big fat good-bye to the stupid past.

Whew. It felt so great.

Highly recommended!

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