Monday, August 11, 2008

"Change is certain. How will you respond to it?"

Jim, the moving man, takes a load of boxes into the truck.

My sad and empty library / den.

My library / den after I couldn't stand it empty.

I go to a doctor who practices Chinese medicine. He's my first line of defense because he was the only one who could cure me of the most bizarre combination of symptoms one year ago at this time. It was a no-brainer for him. It stumped my traditional doctors.

Anyway, he is always talking to me about change - because it can cause a lot of problems with our energy / bodies if we are not adaptable. So he says, "Change is certain. The only question is how will you respond to it."

I have thought about that a lot lately. My husband is moving to New York while I mostly stay here in Minneapolis. My daughter is off to Madison. My son has moved to New York to take his first job out of college. I'm living alone here from the day Lee and Izzy leave until (probably) Christmas, when Lee comes home for 5 days - the rest of the time we are in Boulder.

So, that's a little change. And, today, the movers came and that felt like "rock the boat" change. I had to send 1/3 of my furniture to New York and I was left with a shell that I could hardly stand, so in complete exhaustion, I set to work and arranged the little that was left. And I will start again....

It helps me to see that home is about the people and the activity ---- and, yes, a few good pieces. My pieces happen to be anywhere from 2 - 200 years old. Some I love, some are just okay. But mix them sparingly, add a bit of green, a modern light and it kind of works. It ain't perfect, but it will do in a new york minute.

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