Saturday, August 30, 2008

Honeymoon with a Giant

I have just realized that New York is so metaphorically and psychically "BIG", I can barely sit down to put my tiny little experiences into words. It is big energetically - not even the physical bigness. It takes you over. I can't even take photos because I seem so little here. Besides, I live here now and don't want to look like a tourist. It's a little weird because i am so visual - i usually need to be taking photos. But here, the experiences are so big I can't really even handle it. I am taking it in with every inch of my being - my eyes, ears, skin, nose, and sense of balance as I walk, watching for a runaway cab ready to run me down, looking for the markers that tell me I'm on the right path.

But, for now, I will catch you up with words...

Once I get the hangers I need, a wastebasket, and an incense burner, we are officially moved in. (Ok - the art is still missing. But everyone deals with art for awhile.) We love our apartment and the more we hang out in other parts of the city - as much as we enjoy them - the UES (Upper East Side)is it for us. QUIET! Last night, our "date" was an evening at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see the Turner exhibit. I got sidetracked by a photography exhibit, which was fabulous. Then, we walked 5 blocks to 2nd ave and found a pizza place - anxious to find a substitute for our beloved Broder's in Minneapols. Well, this was good - very good. But, hey, the pizza cost $34.95! Ok, we had it for lunch today, too, and it was very good, but, boy, food is a chunk of change here.

On Wed. night this week, we were invited to a distant shore....the WAY Upper West Side - near Columbia - to a fun Mexican outdoor on-the-rooftop kind of bar and restaurant with Lee's colleagues. Well, let me be the first to say - they are a fun bunch! They were welcoming, margarita-drinking, order-for-the-whole-table-sharing kind of people. It was great. I was delighted to see them all enjoying each other so much (after the LA experience - BORING!) Dale, one one of the teachers said, "We like each other." It was obvious.

Today we walked to the MOMA at 53rd and 6th (recall we live on 81st -it's a numbers game here.) Really, we walked 2 1/2 hours and it was fantastic - we walked Madison to see Armani, Chanel, St. Laurent, Missoni, Valentino, Donna and on and on. But, really, quite wonderful. then on to the Apple store, which is so incredible - a big glass ice cube at 60th and 5th. So brilliant. A big old tourist attraction. I rarely heard a word of English - all Europeans ending their summer in New York? I ducked into Bergdorf's for some necessary Bobbi Brown makeup I was out of and felt overwhelmingly out of place in my jeans, walking shoes and tie-dyed Lucky t-shirt. But, hey, no one knows you in New York. Still, please, Alecia....dress the part if you are going to Bergdorf's.

This is a crazy place. And we love it. We love discovering it together. It is like a honeymoon. With each other and with life.


  1. Oh! I made a similar mistake last month in Montreal, walking into the Yves St Laurent exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts dressed in LL Bean capri pants and walking shoes. Quelle horreur! Even the few bored, fidgety children were more chic than I.

    Still, if anyone can figure out how to be elegantly turned out for an afternoon of erranding on foot in NYC, it's you. And when you do figure it out, please share!

  2. Well, I know the shame. You might enjoy my post in early May when I write about a Metropolitan Home party I was invited to and I was just overtaken by the matter of finding attire (as a 50-something woman!) Thanks for your comment! It is so fun to have playmates!!!!