Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hunting and Gathering

Lee walking into our new market, Citarella.

Really. I'm behind. Our phone line doesn't work so we don't have the internet. We are poachers. We are using someone else's line in the meantime. Unfortunately, it doesn't work all the time. So when I am in the mood to blog...well, maybe it works, maybe it doesn't. It certainly won't upload my photos. Our TV doesn't work either. So I'm missing the big picture version of the convention. But the things that matter seem to work. The toilet. The shower just rocks. The hot water. The kitchen. There is a breeze through the apartment. The general vibe is as good as it gets. We are basically just hanging out in bliss...and hunting and gathering.

Yes...hunting and gathering. That's all we do. We go out for medication. We go out for groceries. We go out for hangers. We go out for screwdrivers. We go out for dinner. We go out for getting cash. We go out for coffee, wine, vodka, bread, stamps, band-aids and hydrogen peroxide. We go out for box cutters and garbage bags. We actually walk to get these things and, pretty soon, will weigh about 88 pounds, because after we go to walk to get these things, we have to climb four flights of stairs to bring them home. We are very happy, but we take a lot of naps. And drink a lot of cappucini that we make here in the apartment. And for now, I'm so tired thinking of all the hunting and gathering, I'm going to bed.

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