Sunday, August 10, 2008

On the Road Again

My sketchy layout drawing for the apt.

Piles going to New York.

And more piles.

When I say "on the road again", I emphasize the "again" part. I've moved a lot. I must like it because I keep doing it. The moving truck comes tomorrow morning and all these boxes and half the furniture in our apartment will be loaded for New York. I'm kind of in a muddle. Because the two things most dear to me - my family (and friends) and my home are being torn up. We just aren't in a position to do this move AND buy all new furniture for New York, so we have to use what we have and that means good-bye to my finally "decorated" apartment in Minneapolis. I just have to make choices. (Still, I've spent the last two weeks fully stocking a kitchen, a bathroom, and creating a bedroom. I mean, you can't move everything!)

In the last week, I actually got Lee to think about furnishing this apartment - I needed his help doing a trial run. Because I can't take a thing we won't use - or doesn't have a place - I had to be sure everything would fit. So we taped out the living area (12 x 19) in our apartment and started moving the furniture into place. Wow. I could really start to see what it might feel like.

Oh, yes - the bedroom is 6' x 16'. You did not read that wrong and it is not a typo. 72" wide. So we are using our double bed (full) but got the Simmons Beauty Rest with separate coils so I don't have to feel like I'm rolling to the middle of the bed when he gets in. We've always slept on a full and looks like we're going to keep sleeping on a full. How european! We went shopping for a mattress and got a salesman with a really bad hair piece and horrible voice. the poor guy could have been a character on SNL. Buying a mattress is just goofy because you are laying there on your back talking to a stranger. Apparently Lee and I are unlike 90% of the population (this is actually fine with me when I think about the state of America right now) because we like an extra firm mattress without the pillow top. I hate my pillow top mattress now and can't wait to have a good night's sleep again.

Yesterday we bought a slab of marble at Room & Board outlet store for a table. (I have a base.) Lee liked it because it reminded him of Florence. I still have to figure out where all of his papers will go. he's a pack rat and won't part with notes from a class on Freud from three years ago in case he needs it for his dissertation. Or power cords from god knows what, but since he is not sure, he won't throw them away - just in case. This apartment has no "just in case" space, but he doesn't know that, yet.

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