Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Top Ten Things for Which I Am Grateful This Thanksgiving

Well, Happy Turkey Day, first - gobble. Really, I have a few random Thanksgiving thoughts which for fun, I will put into a list and invite you to send me yours. What am i thankful for this Thanksgiving? What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? I personally love this holiday the MOST of all holidays because:  

1. There are no gifts required. I hate the requirement of gifts. I have come to hate the requirement of gifts at Christmas. I hate getting gifts sometimes. Especially dumb gifts. Even at Easter, children now expect a gift. Valentine's, a gift. May Day, a gift. YUK! Just let me hang out with people I love, drink wine and eat good food where it is cozy and warm. No gifts, thank you.

2. It is always a four-day weekend.

So here I sit in my tiny little New York apartment, feeling utterly grateful for a few things. Drum roll......

Top Ten Things for which I am Grateful this Thanksgiving

1. That I feel rather normal again because of the changing economy. That people will be judged for being interesting rather than being rich. Both are fine. But interesting is ALWAYS better.

2. That we can say Hasta Manana to gaudy, bad taste because those with it won't be able to afford it anymore.

3. That I have an apartment in New York to share with people I love - like my son, my daughter, my brother and his partner (husband) and my step-brother and his wife (we're trading places at Christmas!)

4. That I still love my work and Lee loves his work.

5. That we have a new president and that I get to listen to someone who is way smarter than me for the next few years.

6. That we eat really well. Even if I am only having juevos rancheros in front of the TV. It's still organic and delicious. And in NY, I have to get out and walk it off every single day.

7. That my family is healthy. 

8. That I am allowed the privilege of discovering the magic of New York with Lee - a gift which, to this day, we cannot quite figure out how it happened. It is romantic, exhilerating, and humbling. It is a spring for the imagination. That museums exist. That artists survive and create and put their work in the museums for me to see on a Friday night. 

9. That I don't have to see Sarah Palin's face or hairdo on TV ten times a day. That she is back to cooking caribou, having burnt her bridges to nowhere.

10. That we can now maybe hope for world peace. Or at least being more friendly and not wanting to kill each other.

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