Friday, November 28, 2008

...she said, smugly.

Moss - must be the most uber cool store on the planet. In SoHo on an equally uber cool street called Greene with cobbley bricks for the street and old 19th Century storefronts that make you think you are in Amsterdam or something because it is all just so darn cool with art galleries, Italian furniture stores, Jack Spade's shop (Kate's brother) and great little coffee shops. Now I think I live in the stuffy part of Manhattan on the upper east side, but it is QUIET. Maybe quiet and stuffy go together.

This just rocks. Leather with some amazing native weaving.

oh, its another cool Italian thing or two.

So it's Black Friday (that really sounds depressing to me; could they call something a little peppier?) I am proud - actually, I feel smug - to say that I did not spend one single cent today. Now, that is a miracle. There is just no other way to say it. You simply cannot go a day in NY without spending something for something. A bottle of wine, a cup of coffee, a little something for dinner, picking up the is just crazy. So, I am thrilled that my larder was filled and there was wine in the apartment and I made my own coffee and didn't need a thing.

And all the more miraculous, because Lee and I went downtown and went to a shop called Moss that is just about the most amazing design store I have ever seen. Of course, the one thing I wanted turned out to be a set of 4 dining chairs and, darn it, they were $4900 EACH! So I passed.

I just heard about the poor man trampled to death at a Long Island Walmart when the shop opened at 5 a.m. to a crowd that literally broke down the doors and crushed him. Another woman missed Thanksgiving dinner last night with her family (who were upset about it) to camp out at a store. God help us.

This makes me want to throw up my leftover turkey dinner.

As I am about to click "Publish Post"......

oh, my god....i just realized I bought tickets to Billy Elliot online this morning.

" that smug smile right off your face, honey. You probably spent more on those tickets than the average person spent in eight hours of shopping at walmart even after stampeding someone to death."

Oh, fiddle. Just when you think you are superior, it comes back to bite you in the ass.


  1. Ah well. Billy Eliot will very likely be far more fun than smugness anyway. It would be for me and I'm one of those sourpusses who doesn't even like musicals.

  2. i had dinner with a couple a few weeks ago who had just seen billy elliot while on holiday in england. they were raving about it. and they are theatre people. have fun.

  3. Thanks to you both for being cheerleaders. I don't like musicals either! After reading Ellen's blog (which was very funny!)and talking to another designer friend tonight who just let her assistant go, I can only think about the important things I could be buying with that ticket money!

    Like stocking up on things like my parents did when times were tight. Like....what? Spam sales are up. Vicks Vapo Rub is on sale at Kmart.

    I guess cash. I guess you just stock up on cash if you are lucky enough to have it. I think I'll go hide under a blanket with my book (Julia Childs in France - for you cooks!) and pretend this isn't happening.