Friday, November 14, 2008

When the economy is bad, go shopping.

An antique brass cricket cage. Loved the texture it would add to a room.

Does anyone else think these are kind of cool? Onyx flowers? Kitsch? or Cool?

One of a pair - the other is a woman - only $108 for the pair!

Just some things I entertained myself with today as I was shopping our local haunts for antiques for clients. You never know what you 'll find...what do you think? It looks like an Asian theme to me.


  1. Fountain Hills had an arts and crafts fair this weekend. I saw some beaded bonsai flowers and trees that were attractive enough to warrant a look at the booth, but ultimately kitschy and not anything I'd want to live with-I do like those onyx flowers you found. I think those are cool. Can I ask how much $$?

    We bought a framed Chinese watercolor on white silk that made us both happy, and I bought a kaleidoscope. Made me very happy.

  2. What fun to go shopping with someone else's money! I suppose that's one of those things civilians always tell you. I don't know about the Asian antiques, though. It reminds me of my dad's apartment--he and his partner went through a phase where they never missed an Alameda Flea Market so their place is full of that stuff.

    Perhaps if the setting were more spare...