Monday, March 2, 2009

Mercato Centrale at Grand Central?

The truly elegant Grand Central Station.

One of the vendors.

Pane. Pane!

The meat and homemade sausage vendor.

Cheese. I can hardly resist this.

One thing about New York, I think it must take awhile to get bored. I was heading to an antique "mall" that a designer friend of mine told me about on east 44th Street (Center 44 between 2nd and 3rd and it's pretty darn good - not to die for - but pretty darn good - lots of 60's -80's) and on my way home saw a window full of beautiful breads. It was part of Grand Central Market, but I had no idea what that meant, so I went in and felt happily transported back to Firenze and Mercato Centrale. It was a wonderful surprise on a gray, cold day. I hadn't seen anything like it since I was last in Florence in 2007.

Now, don' t get me wrong - this is nothing as "earthy" as Mercato Centrale - there were no heads of sheep, blood dripping from the carcasses, vendors selling lardo, deep yellow chickens with blue veins, their heads and feet still attached. There were no espresso bars with cold smooth Carrara on which to lean over a morning cappuccino. BUT, there were fish and meat vendors, cheese and bread and wine and pastries and desserts and vegetables. It was quite wonderful and I felt this filling up, a sense of abundance, that even in these grim times, there is plenty. I am not sure that is true for all. Actually, I am certain it is not true for all. But we have more than enough - if only everyone could just have their share. Buon appetito.

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