Monday, March 30, 2009

More Signs of Spring - From a Chinese Perspective

I've been having migraines for a couple of weeks. Not every day, but a more than enough. I forgot Spring was coming. I forgot that my acupuncturist / Chinese doctor advises me to have my "Spring Tune-up" to avoid them. Life got busy. And the migraines got the better of me for a few days. But, they reminded me to get to my Chinese doctor asap and once I did, I was on the mend.

I went back today as I recall that "tune ups" come as a series of three and I had barely managed the one when I went in a few weeks ago with eyes closed, sunglasses on, teeth clenched begging for mercy and relief from the crazy-making migraine I was having. He gave me some of each.

Today we talked of Spring.

He said many wise things.

He said, "Spring is a time of wild energies, creative energies ready to spring forth. Winds are whipped up and brisk and wild and the energy rises up - into the head - creating migraines, eye tics (which I now have), rosacea, tinnitus, heart palpatations, anxieties." Okay, have them all. Please just put me on the table. And stick those needles in.

I said, "I feel the creative energies. I feel like they are bottled up inside of me. They are so strong in the last few days. They are thrilling, but I can't quite focus them. It is like they are stuck and making me crazy."

"Yes, that is what happens when there is a yin deficiency. You don' t have the capacity to balance the strong yang forces and they get out of control and stuck."

Whew. I knew he would understand. I climb onto the table. He sticks needles in my "third eye" for vision, my temples for my headache, under my naval for grounding and several in my hands and feet to treat my liver and bring my energy DOWN TO THE EARTH. I have a tendency to be "flighty." Does this surprise anyone that knows me?

I am thankful every day for finding Dr. Hafner at Crocus Hill Medicine in St. Paul. It has changed my life. I am not a woo-woo alternative at any cost medicine kind of gal. I try it after the standard stuff. But, frankly, mainstream medicine missed the boat with me one too many times and this is workin' so I'm going to keep doing it .

Spring is in high gear in my body. For whatever it is worth.


  1. this is a terrific post. i have that same feeling these days and yes, i have been getting heart palpitations. something feels different and it may well be the onset of spring.

  2. Thanks for your nice comment. I forgot to mention the blues and sleeplessness - both of which now have descended and apparently are also part of the package. This too shall pass.