Thursday, August 27, 2009

Julie and Julia

The final product - Peeled, roasted peppers on polenta with rosemary and Parmagiano reggiano.

The kitchen during dinner prep.

Izzy seasoning the roasted peppers.

Julie Powell blogs about cooking and gets both a book contract and a movie contract. How good is that! But, because I read Julia Child's book, My Life in France, this year and it was near the top of my list for the year AND because I then read Julie and Julia this summer and felt less enthusiastic about that book, but had to know how and why it did so well, Isabelle and I went to the 4:00 movie here in NYC today. Well, it was just a happy , weepy, laugh it up movie. I just loved it.

I loved:

1. Well, Meryl Streep. How fun is her job!

2. The marriages. How often do we see such delicious marriages portrayed on screen? The last major relationship I recall on screen was Vicky, Christina, Barcelona between Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem - just the devil incarnate.

3. The kitchens. Small kitchens. Small kitchens that aren't designed by architects and designers. (Be careful, Alecia!) Really, I would actually love to "design" such a kitchen. Could you just find a sweeter moment than when Paul Child is using a marker to trace the outline of Julia's pots on the peg board? I have not used peg board in my projects lately. I think it is time to bring it back.

4. Julia Child's wonderful sense of humor, good nature, and ability to manage her emotions. It was a lesson for me. She was so charming and never seemed angry. I just loved her.

So, above are some photos of our own little kitchen - such a wonderful mess. With Isabelle, my 20-year old daughter cooking polenta with roasted peppers. Wine, bread, Isabelle and Lee listening to Etta James sing "A Sunday Kind of Love." How lucky am I?

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