Monday, August 31, 2009

My New Project: My Body, My Brain, My Life.

Now, I can get on with my project - moi - now that Isabelle is landed in Madrid, Zan has a job in Houston with Teach for America, my husband is gainfully and happily employed in NYC.

I grew up in a family of human doings - not human beings. I know that is an old joke, but not for me. It is absolutely true. Of course, my father was a farmer. You can't spend your morning with watching Diane and Robin. Stuff dies if you ignore it. Like sheep and wheat and soybeans and corn.

Not only was doing valued, all the women in my family are Virgos - my mother, sister, and me. So, they are organized and earth bound and practical and competent and have a lot of lists. My due date was solidly in Leo (August 8.) I was 2 weeks late so ended up 4 hours into the Virgo sign. But I am rather a shameful Virgo - not nearly as much a neatnik as my mother and my sister, Holly. So, I always feel inadequate. Like I just don't do enough. Like my drawers could be more organized and To Do lists more efficient.

For me to accomplish much, I need to be alone and quiet without distraction. Well, alone and quiet is not what I have had for the last week with Isabelle here. But, now that she is off to Spain for a year, I have no excuse. And I feel renewal and rebirth. I am my new project! I am going to work on both doing and being - to balance extroversion and introversion - yin and yang. This is a profound task for me.

I am going to yoga 3 x a week here in NYC and, even though it is way harder than I might imagine and I have discovered that my shoulder and arm strength is equal to that of a newborn, I am making progress; I am stronger today than I was 2 weeks ago. That is for the body.

Finally, I am going to educate my eyes - with fashion, art, and design. I will bring it to my work and my life. So, there you go...that is my new "Alecia Improvement Project. My body, my brain, my life." Now, time to get to work - It is 8:44 p.m. I'm going to bed to read to work on my brain.

And, then, my life. This is going to take some time. Because I really mostly love my life. But I am insatiable and love nothing more than a new dream to follow. So, who knows what is next?

Could I possibly be any more self-absorbed?

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