Monday, August 9, 2010

Madeline Island - the real deal....

We visited dear and long time friends this past weekend - on Madeline Island. Here are some images. Out on the farm first settled in the late 19th Century by P's family - remnants of the original log buildings still stand. P and Lee mowed and raked the grass while K and I prepared the summer squash picked that day. We took a late afternoon swim in the lake - the most pristine, clear water in which I have ever swam. I felt 14 years old - without the pull of gravity, no aching back, flexible knees, supple arms. Lee brought K and me drinks on the beach while we stayed lazy and wrapped in towels. Dinner was fresh Lake Superior trout "lifted" that morning and cooked on a wood plank on a grill. Bittersweet moments with friends who are struggling - but, who isn't in some way? Lovely to be able to share our imperfections,a sense of humor and an entire bottle of gin over the weekend. All in a place that is the real deal for me....yes, give me Madeline over the Hamptons...any day. But then, no matter how much I love New York City, I am still a farm girl from Iowa. :-)


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