Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Fur

My vintage fur hat. Is it so Mad Men???

I love seeing the hand stitching.

Getting ready to leave NY on Friday, I was running some last minute errands alone. On our corner at Madison is a woman's shop - generally a little too classic for me - but I spied a fur neck warmer - it looked so yummy, I popped in and tried it on. I discovered it was $195. and seemed really cheaply made. I'll pass thank you.

I head back to the apartment to pick up a bag of things I want to drop at a nearby shop as a donation - and head out with Lee. The shop is run by Sloan Kettering and filled with vintage Upper East side labels, old fur coats and cashmere sweaters. Lee is with me. I'm heading in with the bag when Lee motions me to the window.

"Babe, this is so you. Look at this hat. You have to have it."

He's pointing at a mink hat, sort of Russian style. First, I can't believe Lee suddenly has an eye for fashion. He's never once in seventeen years pointed something out that I should try or buy.

I shake my head because of course only 20 minutes before I am eying fur head gear.

"Okay. I"m all about it."

I go in, ask for someone to get me the mink hat - and oh, by the way, the fur scarf next to it. I try them both on, peer through the window to Lee who is still on the sidewalk and he gives me the thumbs up. Then he sticks his head in the door.

"You have to have it. You look great in it. It is so old New York."

How does Lee know these things? Wink, wink.

So, for $80 I walk out with the mink hat from Macy's circa 1960 and the fur scarf circa probably last year. And, Lee's chest is puffed up. He scored and made me happy.

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  1. Alecia! I think I spied the back of your head in Holly Hunt the other day! When you come back in, please see if I'm there (I'm interning). I'd love to know what you are up to project wise!