Saturday, November 5, 2011

Beyond Middle Age

I bought a St. John knit jacket today at Nordstrom's.


I feel like I should have a a Dallas zip code, and a marble entry with columns and a very large diamond on my finger with a husband who is 80, balding and who wears bow ties. And I would probably have really puffy lips because I've had them "enhanced."

I am only able to live with myself after this threshold event because at the same time I bought a super cool ankle length Theory dress which I will wear with Fiorentini and Baker biker boots (once I get back to NY to buy them.) Now I really have to buy them to prove I am so not over the hill.

.......but I desperately needed a 3-button black jacket that fit properly. I like to wear my jackets without a blouse / shirt beneath - just buttoned up. And the only one that fit that bill was the St. John. OMG - and it stretches! It is sooooo comfy!

Here, below is the Theory dress I bought. It will be even cooler with boots. (Like Angela Missoni in the last Veranda. Long skirts and biker boots - her look - and she's in her mid-50s!)

Whew. Just a little too close to that Dallas deal, though.

Theory Dress I bought - NOT to go with St. John jacket! 

My favorite bootmaker - Fiorentini + Baker.

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