Monday, November 7, 2011


I had a late meeting - got home around 6:30.  We had planned to go out since I knew in advance my schedule. We decided on Pizzaria Lola - a once a week kind of place for us. Their "Ma-Sharoni" homemade fennel sausage and Iowa pepperoni is just divine. (I'm not even much of a meat eater.) We each get a salad; I get the beet / goat cheese / arugula and Lee gets the Hook's Blue Cheese and mixed greens. Then we share the Ma Sharoni. And tonight they had Surly Darkness on tap! Yikes is it good!

Well, on the way there, I brought up that I might want to try something new.  I said, "Ya know, all that pork fat - it's probably not even that good for us. And, besides, I just kind of want to try something else."

He said, and I am not kidding...."Honey, that's what monogamy is. You stick with the program."

I guess ya gotta love a guy who makes you laugh. He has a thing about certain foods. When he loves them, he loves them. And I love him. So we had the Ma Sharoni!

Here are the teeniest tiniest pictures of the salad and pizza, from the website. Check it out at Xerxes and 56th. Family city! Go early or late to avoid the crowds.

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