Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Random Images and Feeling Zippy in NY

Back in NY and feeling for the first time in the full 3+ years we've lived here that I belong here. I got to the apartment, dropped my bag, had the laundry delivered and then hit the streets to get to Holly Hunt before it closed to pick up some things from the lovely Anna Hillegass for a client. I just felt zippy. Zippy getting on the train. Zippy getting into a cab with Anna on the way home. The cabby dropped me at 81st and 3rd while Anna headed farther uptown for an appt. Just zip-zip.

Back to the design district AGAIN today to pull a few more things for my meeting at 5 today. In the groove.

Of course, that probably means tomorrow I will definitely NOT be in the groove. That's life, isn't it?

But, for now so appreciating the resources at my fingertips. Life is good. And here are some things I saw this past week that I liked.

Aren't clouds cool? From my airplane window this week.

The hand rolled cocoa dipped truffles from Broder's for our flower party.

Mary Hickey's talent for display - at our flower party. Isn't this just right?

Embroidered linen napkin. The good life.

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  1. So glad you were feeling zippy around the streets of Manhattan! No better place for your zippiness and loveliness! Save a couple truffles for us.