Friday, February 24, 2012

ABC Kitchen. Run, don't walk.

Well, I am often accused of using the superlative. (That would be my BROTHER, Kelly, that has accused me of that :-|)

So it is a little like crying wolf to say that I think the best meal I've had in New York was this afternoon for lunch at ABC Kitchen. It is a marriage of ABC and Jean Georges Vongerichten (usually known just as "Jean Georges" and I guess I see why.) He's major in NYC, which I should have known but didn't really.

And, here's the disclaimer. I am not so interested in the BIG DEAL meal these days. I'm really more about eating food that I would cook for myself if only I had the time. So, the processes that are really saucing, etc, etc.....I'm not that interested in. I could cook these things given the time and equipment. They are super simple - just a delightful use of herbs and plenty of cayenne! So, this is the kind of food that completely satisfies me now....

Lee and I are mostly running errands today, with one landing us at ABC at starvation time (he was headed to a diabetic coma if we didn't eat!) and we happily found room at the bar at the ABC Kitchen - just opened in the last year.

So, I have to warn you that the service is slow to start. Just fine, once you get going....but 15 min is a bit long to wait for the first meet and greet. And, in our state, we just about grabbed a waitress by the collar. Alas, my impatience passed and we ordered. It was very difficult to choose! Seriously. So I selected one thing and he, the other and it was sharesville, which we don't do often. Along with lunch, we ordered one GNGER MARGARITA to share. (Well, that lasted about 10 minutes, so we ordered the second. Major awakening....we can share food but not a drink.)


They served our salad and divided them, which is always so nice. And the shared portion was exactly perfect. After smacking our lips over the ROASTED CARROT, AVOCADO and SEED SALAD with SOUR CREAM, we waited only moments for the SPINACH - LOCAL GOAT CHEESE and PROVOLONE PIZZA with HERBS to arrive.


Well, we were off in the stratosphere after the first bite. It is, actually, factually, and honestly the thinnest crust I've ever experienced. It is baked in a wood pizza oven and the woodsy taste just saturated the crust. The spinach was thick and fresh and they may have thrown it on last minute because there was nothing soggy about it. And the goat cheese and provolone. They must have come from a farm on Broadway - that is how fresh it tasted.

Plus, the settings were darling and simple.

The table setting.
The whole thing reminded me of something SO MADISON and that is a huge compliment because I've had some of the best food in my life in Madison and they are one of the leaders of the local food movement.

Just yummy. And a great way to spend a Friday afternoon. Cheers!

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