Sunday, February 5, 2012

Social Media - Help me, here.

I live in a fog of guilt about not "maximizing" social media. I haven't posted on Pinterest for a couple months. I have NEVER activated my business version of Facebook, though it sits there waiting for "friends" to activate it, I guess. I haven't told anyone it exists. I have a Twitter account that I have used, actually, one time on the day I signed up for it.

So, I get some Facebook message today and, of course, can't respond by email so I have to navigate how to respond in a personal way because that is what is appropriate. I find my way to this person's page and find "message" and start to keyboard - and then I notice all this changing activity on the right and it is people I know actually spending time on Facebook commenting all over each other's pages! Like how the hell do you have time for this? What is missing in my brain?

So, I started to think about my day and here I give you, the reader, a challenge. Find time for me to do social networking GIVEN my values! Seriously. Find me the time and I MIGHT consider it. But I don't get it given the things that matter most to me. (And, btw - this was a really nice day.)

Here's my day: (How exciting is this!)

7:30          Get up. Go sit on the sofa in front of the fire that Lee has made. Drink the cappuccino while he sits next to me and we read the Times. This goes on for over one hour. We do talk about life and love and what we are reading.

8:45          Have a money meeting with Lee. Long overdue. Just figure out money, stuff like that. Future money. Discuss taxes - all that fun stuff.  This takes at least one hour. We are theoretically supposed to have this every week, but since the holidays have fallen waaaaay off the wagon.

10:00        Lee eats. (He' s a Type I diabetic and has to eat before he exercises.) I made eggs, washed my face, got dressed for walking.  We both checked emails. This took about 45 min.

10:45      Leave to walk Lake Harriet. Saw the eagle flying overhead. Talked. Thought. This takes one hour for one time around. Lee walked around twice which takes two hours. I arrive home at about 11:45.

11:45     I take off my coat and check emails. Lee is still walking.

12:00     I go to my office and start to do what I like / try to do every Sunday. I go through everything that needs attention. First, I put away my piles, put STUFF away, and file things.  Then, with a newly organized ACTION PILE, I go through this pile and take action. :-) I pay the bills, email the vendor, approve the cutting, email a client. Etc, etc, etc. I work for 2 solid hours. The pile still exists. I am not through it yet and will have to come back to it later. It really is about 5 hours of work total.

2:00     Lee and I have an appt at 2:30 at the Genius Bar at the Apple Store because our phones and my ipad don't work properly. I get my coat on, gather my computer, ipad and phone and we leave around 2:10.

2:25     Buy the unbaked cookies for a friend from Lucia's then go on to Apple Store for our Genius Bar appt. This takes one hour for both of us to go through the problems we are having. They fix my problem. Lee buys a new phone.

3:30    We drive to Linden Hills Coop to buy food for dinner.

4:10     We are so ready to be home. The Apple thing took a lot longer than we thought it would. I head to my office. I get through the pile at 6:15. I start drinking wine at 5:30 when Lee starts the SUPER BOWL. I can't let him drink alone. Even if we are in separate rooms.  I work for two plus hours in my office.

6:15     I am feeling guilty that I haven't even started the chili even thought Lee is not complaining. He comes in to give me a kiss on occasion, in fact. But, if I don't start now....I will be ordering pizza soon enough! So, I go cook . And I like cooking so it is fun to just make the chili, text my son and drink my wine, get out the ingredients, chop onions, garlic, green pepper.

7:00     The chili is on its way. Madonna is going to be on half time. Well, I have to see this. So, while the chili cooks I go watch the Half Time Show - and Madonna still rocks - especially her last song.

7:20    Half time over. Dinner time. We eat for about 30 minutes while watching the game.

7:50    Dinner over. Grab my computer and sit with Lee. I realize that if I am ever going to finish this blog post, I'd better do it now.

8:25 Blogpost finished. Now, I am going back to my office to do my billing for January. This will take 1 hour. If it all works out, I will be done by 9:30 , which is when I like to go to bed to read. As I don't sleep as well as I used to because of menopause, I need to spend more time in bed - I may be awake 2 - 3 hours middle of the night. You never know!

I can hardly wait to finish the book I am reading. I will turn out lights by 10 or so.


Go figure. And the next post....about this INCREDIBLE BOOK I am reading. Waaaaay better than Facebook. :-) I"m hoping Facebook is just a fad.

Oh, yeah....Go Tom Brady. (I just think he is cuter.)


  1. I hear you. I don't do facebook but I have recently joined twitter. A tweet is as quick as a text 140 characters and you can tell people (who are on twitter often)"Hey come on over, i've just posted such and suchathing" I figured that was a good place to start.

  2. I really enjoyed reading this post. I read in Gretchen Rubin's "The Happiness Project" (which I'm on chapter 3 and I recommend!) that you should find other blogs you ejoy to have people read your blog. I was on the hunt for an interesting one. I found it :)