Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Alien Headress

Me at Rita Hazan salon this morning in NYC - that spaceship over my head is
a heat lamp that rotates in the most concerning way.

Laurie Daniel, my colorist from Rita Hazan.
Laurie, I am not stalking you - but just want people to see the woman responsible for my great color!

Fyi - This is J-Lo - not me.

The week before Memorial Day I called my hairdresser because I seriously needed color! It had been 5 weeks, not my preferred 4 and "Shades of Gray" was happening right there on my scalp. No return call. I called again the day AFTER Memorial Day. No return call. I called again on Friday that week, now begging for mercy. Please call me back. I went online - I emailed. I called again 2 weeks after my first call. I gave up. What the heck? Had Aliens abducted my hairdresser? I sent my assistant, Becky, to check it out on a Wednesday when I was just too darn busy to go myself. I sent her armed with times that I would happily pay her to paint my hair with chemicals.

The shop was shut down - closed up - doors locked. Why was the voicemail operating? 

So, then what? Don't you hate changing hairdressers? It's like finding a new bra. Or a new everyday wine. (Oops, did I say too much? By "everyday" I didn't necessarily mean EVERY DAY! Or...)

Lee says, "Honey, you should go back to Laurie when you are in NY next week. That is the best your hair has ever looked. You deserve it."

Laurie was a referral from a friend in NY who has gorgeous! color.But it means..I will have to pay for it...Hmmmm....a new jacket or a hair color? 

But not one to want to research and try out someone new, I made an appt with Laurie Daniels at Rita Hazan (who does J-Lo's hair and I am certain you will barely be able to tell the difference between me and J-Lo now!) Laurie is sooooo nice - she is like your best friend from junior high. She got a little foxy with my hair this time - lighter and more highlights - yikes! But, hey it's summer and I'm sure that's what she had in mind. The best part - the most valuable part is that she does your eyebrows! Pale eyebrows just do not cut it. 

So as I left feeling like my wallet was quite a bit lighter, I checked out the eyebrows in the elevator and thought, "You, girlfriend, look at least 10 years younger." Lee loved it too. Now, if I only had J-Lo's backside.

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