Thursday, June 28, 2012

Where I live now

I'm still pinching myself. We are still pinching ourselves. We love it here so much. This week, three pieces arrived from NY - and, although the NY apartment is looking a little dismal (hey, it still looks better than most NY apts!) I really needed a few of my beloved things with me here in Minneapolis if this is going to be "home" for now.

So, I got my lovely antique day bed (photos this weekend), a wondrful old bench tufted with green velvet and our photo of the Guggenheim. LOVE. We put it in the Entry and now the Entry is set except for maybe a rug if my friends at Aubry Angelo can find me just the perfect piece. But, I am happy with it just the way it is - it is like walking into a little shrine every time I come home.

The light fixture is worth a shot in the day time. Lee and I found it in Florence for a song. It is like a violet. Hand blown Murano glass shade from the 1970's. Makes me want to do the swim.

I will try to take better photos in the daytime, but this Entry is in the interior of the apartment and never gets sun - que sera! We still love it.

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  1. Just wanted you to know that I miss reading your adventures and musings on decor and life. Hope all is well.