Saturday, June 9, 2012

First Shots from Kenwood

I have spent the last week installing a project in Kenwood that I have worked on for over a year. It has been one of those projects that just seemed to have a magical spell cast over it. The client(s) and I clicked from the moment we met. In fact, if I recall, we met so that she could interview me and I could see the project and she called me an hour later to tell me she wanted to work with me. If that is not the way it felt like it.

As a couple, they made great decisions and made them quickly. G. was usually quiet, but when he spoke, his insights were spot on. L. was rarely quiet! She had strong, good taste and, with her demanding life, wisely admitted needing someone to just take it on - completely willing to trust the process and my quirky "perceiver" style of working (as in Meyer's Briggs "P" which means I work best without too much structure.) Then, of course, I had Jean Rehkamp as another spoke in this wheel, which is like having the other half of my brain on the project. We finish each other's sentences and often communicate with just a look. We didn't even see much of each other on this project - just got the vibe and got to work. Her work has a quality of passion, thoughtfulness, and precision that is so impressive.

The truth is L. and I have really have similar taste - not too "done", plenty of vintage, mix of traditional and modern, something a little worn - all the better. So that made it easy from the start. We often had pulled the same tear sheets for furniture. But, in the end, we are not the same - don't have the same kind of home or budgets nor are we at the same stage of life. My job was to interpret THEIR needs while being true to whatever instincts I have that made her hire me in the first place  - to create a comfortable, elegant and cozy home for this charming family!

Here are some very quick snaps from yesterday - with flowers for a party last night. The talented Anna Hillegass stepped in earlier this week to help me style and did all the flowers. I don't know of anyone better for the job!

I think I'll purposely just not get the last layer in place so I have plenty of reasons to keep going back to hang out with these people. I adore them.

Entry - decided to layer two smaller rugs instead of one large one. See below.
Other side of entry - such a generous space!
Sunroom - with Belgian limestone floor. 
Sun Room with the yummy Ben Moore Dragon's Breath walls!
Vintage British Colonial piece from CW Smith
Cutest ever kitchen!
Dining Table with Anna's flowers.


  1. such amazing photographs!!!! love them!!!

    1. Thank you so much - always nice to know that others enjoy seeing this. Alecia

  2. Really nice photos! I just might stay and follow your blog, why don't you do the same for me! I've just started translating my blog in English also!