Saturday, June 2, 2012

"New" old, very old bed

Our new "circa 1870" mahogany bed

You really cannot get wood and finishes like this now. Why?
I think it is the horror of poly finishes that look like plastic. This is just waxed.
And it smells like beeswax!

We have not really had a bed since we moved ours to NY in 2008. We've had a good mattress on a metal frame with a Chinese screen behind it  a la faux headboard. It was fine. The mattress was great so I didn't complain much. Much...

But as we were preparing to move, I was at H&B Gallery shopping for lighting for the new apartment - as well as keeping my eyes open for clients, which I always do, anyway. I saw an old mahogany sleigh bed tucked in the corner of the basement with a broken foot - unusable until it was repaired. I didn't see the rails - just the headboard and footboard, but there was something so elegant about it. The mahogany was gorgeous and I could see it was the real deal from the 19th Century. We decided to get it and entrust it's repair to my uber talented furniture repairman, Doug Broberg. He loves antiques and has a knack for repairing everything from major trauma (like this poor bed) to simply polishing the wood with the dreamiest wax.

He's had the bed for a month or so and learned that one of the bolts was missing - so he had to machine a bolt in his machine shop - the threads were so unusual, there wasn't one to be had at the local Ace Hardware. He delivered the bed today and we are so excited to have a real bed AND this bed, in particular! It is so yummy. I couldn't have bought a new one I could possibly love more.

Of course...this is a double bed - not a queen. Certainly no king. But, perfect for our small bedroom here and perfect for cuddling. I admit to loving a queen, but can't do the king thing. Did it in Italy and I felt like I was taking a vacation from Lee, not just a vacation from the US.

Anyway, here are a couple photos - can't wait to tuck in.

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