Monday, September 8, 2008

I'm Home...oops. I'm in one of my homes.

I'm trying to be careful about saying that Minneapolis is home and New York is where I go to visit a couple of weeks each month. I'm one of those woo-woos who think that how you think and what you say actually creates your reality. So, I am trying (as I already said) to be careful lest I end up never living in New York with my beloved because of my language.

So, I am in Minneapolis. It was eerie getting out of the cab. It was dark. There were no lights on in my apartment. I had picked up the wrong key in NY and didn't have a key to get in so I had to call my friends to get one (they had kindly been helping me with my cats.) I walked the 2 blocks to their home in utter quiet except for the modest crying of young child getting into a car with its parents. The contrast to New York was stark. Minneapolis was cool and beautiful and had that crisp feeling in the air.

I had to sleep under both my down and my quilt without Lee there to keep me warm. I didn't sleep well in New York because it was quite warm - and on the 4th floor (no AC) even warmer. I'm not a fan of sleeping in heat. Que sera. I left a small carbon imprint for the last two weeks. Little cooking, no AC.

My apartment here seems gigantic and rambling and empty. I miss that it is not beautiful anymore. It is 1200 square feet compared to the 450 in NY. Isabelle is in Madison. Lee is in New York. It is only me and Pinky and Isis, the cats. I realize how much more room Americans have than they really need. I think it is definitely easier to take care of less. I can clean my whole New York apartment in less than an hour. I mean really clean - tub, sink, toilet, floors, kitchen, bedding, etc. - things I don't do here because I have a housekeeper. Of course, that is easy too, come to think of it.

Being here with no responsibility for another living thing except my 2 cats and one plant requires that I actually get things done, however. It is a bit overwhelming. But time to dig in. Thank god I love my work.

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