Monday, September 1, 2008

Chez Stevens New York

Overall of apartment - facing north with the beautiful northern light.

Detail. Wall waiting for art.

Detail mantle with my beloved Buddha painting. Where that goes, I go.

The quiet bedroom. Or should we call this a sleeping closet?

The table we rigged with a 40 x 40 marble from Room & Board Outlet Store. Just perfect for us.

We've been here a week. I have purchased the wastebasket and hangers that were required to feel officially done with moving in. I've fussed with the art (and can't wait to get more!) It is all in place. So here are the photos. We love it here. I am so happy in an all white, light-filled room. It feels spacious even at 450 square feet.

And the place got even brighter yesterday when Lee determined to clean the dead bird carcasses off the windows. It had been driving him crazy. I am capable of selective attention. So he found the perfect tool at A Gracious Home (the single most amazing "hardware store" I've ever seen in my life!) And, for two hours he delicately used this tool to remove the film of guts and grime off the windows. He even cleverly tethered the tool to his wrist with one of his ties! lest he drop it - it wouldn't smash the head of a passerby. Remember this is the 4th floor of an old building with 11 foot ceilings so we are up here in the trees.

Enjoy Labor Day. We are taking the day off from laboring and going to the park.



  1. Hi, Ellen sent me. I love your apartment and I loved the wasp prayer.

  2. Hi Alecia!
    Amen on the prayer, and the lovely apt!!