Sunday, December 6, 2009

When Money is a Problem

Ivana Trump in Spain - looking like a milkmaid.

I came across this on the TMZ website looking for Tiger trash. It's been a long weekend and I just needed to kick back here in front of my fire. But, instead of much on Tiger, I came across this. (I swear I am not a regular on TMZ or any website, which is a little outdated, I know.)

You could hit me over the head with a 40 karat diamond and Donald's toupee, I would not have known this was Ivana Trump. Would you? Didn't she used to be really pretty? This is an example of when too much money is a problem - you just keep going back to the plastic surgeon and the hair dresser and they don't have the integrity to say, "No, you've had enough." They want to milk that cow till it's dry. (Sorry, Ivana, I didn't mean you....)

Anyway, in your mid-50's you do start to have those thoughts....but this is a good reminder to let well enough alone and just keep sending the money to your college kids.

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  1. Funny how the surgically enhanced old broads all start to look like each other. Ivana used to be beautiful. Yes. Now, she's looking a lot like Donatella Versace. Scary. Seriously, why are women afraid to age gracefully? I once saw a photo of Jessica Tandy surrounded by other much younger actresses who looked like plastic dolls next to her.

    I wouldn't judge you for the TMZ incident. Everyone needs a little junk food once in awhile.

    Enjoy your writing.

    Madge Mc