Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bliss Out

"I am reminded of Jung's words to the effect that if you feel yourself falling, then the only safety lies in deliberately jumping."

Helen Luke, Dark Wood to White Rose, speaking of Dante's entrance to Hell in Divine Comedy

This has really been one of those days that just shoots me right off my bliss-meter. It included sleeping until I woke up without an alarm, cappucino, a great shower with desperately needed hair removal, Santa Maria Novella body oils, a 30-minute conference call with a new client that resulted in great decision-making, a perfectly reconciled bank account, breakfast out with my husband at Edina Grill in the snowy landscape- jam-packed with cute stocking-capped men and plenty of blonde, down-wrapped women, a little nap, a little love, reading about Dante's Divine Comedy from a Jungian perspective around a blazing fire, dinner of salmon and spinach. I swear...I feel like I am at a spa.

We are reading a book by Helen Luke (1904- 1995) a marvelous Jungian analyst and mentor to Lee, she is an inspiration to me - a woman who found a new path in the middle of life and was a prolific writer and analyst into old age. (In fact, many of her writings are about aging.) The book is a Jungian interpretation of Dante's Divine Comedy. Well, I've never read Divine Comedy, but here's the kicker:

On Thursday, I was at H & B Gallery, a very nice antique store in South Minneapolis - it is always hit or miss, but I often find a few hits - just great accessories and smaller furnishings for my clients. On this particular trip, I had lots of "hits." One thing I did not buy, but rather wanted and took a photo of was a three-volume set of Dante's Commedia Divina. Here it is:

I passed because of the price. I thought it was very cool; both Lee and I love books and I was interested, but wanted to sleep on it. Then, the next day, I mentioned it to Lee. He said, "Wow. Well, I have to tell you about a book I bought for us to read together. I bought Helen Luke's book on Divine Comedy - Dark Wood to White Rose." It arrived that day.

"Well, that seems pretty synchronistic, don't you think? I almost bought Divine Comedy today and you bought a book about it yesterday for us? What is that about?" I'm going back tomorrow to buy it.

We don't have an answer to this but the whole thing has that lovely serendipity about it, a rolling around in rose petals kind of magic. The book is amazing, btw. Amazing in a "wow - turn down the corner of the page" kind of way. We're still digesting,but I start the post with one of the quotes.

Hope on this snowy wintry weekend you have some moments of bliss too - what are yours????

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  1. I had the same bliss out on Sunday. No kids, slept in, out for breakfast (walleye & bloody marys),little lovin,still glowing from the evening before with and music at the Dubliner, little lovin following that. Life is sorta grand mostly when it's not.