Sunday, December 12, 2010

City of Minneapolis really sucks at snow removal

Okay - yesterday was bliss - today it is not so fun. We just discovered a ticket on our car - like I wanted to leave it parked on the wrong side of the street? Would they have preferred I leave it in the middle where it was originally stuck for an hour?

I am not talking about a minor amount of snow on Russell avenue south. My brother came by today to pick something up and GOT STUCK for 45 minutes in a 4-wheel drive SUV! Sadly, I have a Mazda hatchback. I am not match for a 17" snow.

The "F-bomb" is flyin'.

But, really, how is it that Edina can plow it's streets (as I said a bikini wax) and Minneapolis can not? How can NYC remove snow so heroically and Minneapolis can not? How, really? If it was the first time, I'd go easy. But I know how bad it was last year with the ruts - my friend plummeted into a parked car because of them. This is just embarrassing. So don't tell me mr mayor it was the quantity of snow. We suck at snow removal. Period.

Even the mayor said there was amnesty this first day or so. Guess the asshole who gave me a ticket hadn't heard that. So now, I have a ticket and cannot get out without hiring it done. Which is all fine - I had planned to do that tomorrow morning. Couldn't they just have given us one more day of vacation from reality? I'm not impressed and I'm a good Democrat.


Lee just told transmission is gone and I have to replace it because of the fricking snow I got stuck in yesterday.

Now, I need to find a way to relax before I blow a gasket like I blew out my transmission. I said, "How can you and I have had such a great day and now I am so crabby about this?"

He responded, "Hey, I'd rather that you and I have a great day - and a car problem...than no car problems with you and I having a terrible day."

Okay. Feel better.


  1. It's totally ridiculous!! Our neighborhood is nuts - really the tiny bit of plowing they did today made no dent at all - ugh!!! I need a ticket out of this joint ;)

  2. Yup, they suck pretty bad. Now they've declared a new snow emergency, so everyone can move from the plowed snow emergency routes back onto the streets which have not been plowed. Geniuses.

  3. They have a very shitty job, almost as shitty as your attitude. MSP gets more snow than any city in the lower 48. It is not exactly an easy task to get thousands of streets plowed properly without damaging things. I know for a fact that NYC sucks terribly at plowing because I have relatives there.
    Move to California, there are many just like you there.