Friday, December 31, 2010

Scenes and Sentiments from the Holidays

I'm happy that the holidays are almost done. I adore my family - especially loved having my youngins at home, sleeping on sofas, asking me if I can read over their applications for next year's job, laughing, laughing, laughing at how snippy we can sometimes be with each other. Then there was Christmas Eve at Tom and Kelly's new home - the inauguration of their dream - they were the most wonderful hosts and the house just rocks for a party! There will be more. But, my introverted Self began to throw a little tantrum on Saturday last - "I need to be alone," it said. I need my reflection, purging, quiet time at the end and beginning of years.

So, as I look back on 2010 - there is much I want to forget. And much that has changed me. And much gratitude for my clients and my work this year - which saved me on more than one occasion. And much to look forward to. For happy, healthy children. For love and work.

As Freud said, "Love and work. Work and love. That's all there is." That's what I'm thinking about as the year draws to a close. Both mean the world to me.

What are you thinking about???

Happy New Year, friends. Cheers.

Holly, Izzy and me - cookin' with gas! (Actually with a Wolf - at my brother's)

Christmas Eve Dinner - tenderloin with blue cheese, potatoes gratin with gruyere, curried orange-glazed carrots, broccoli with pine nuts and lemon. lucky are we?

Decanter Lee gave me for Christmas - to improve my vino experience. Like I need that :-)

Grilled cheese Izzy spontaneously made for lunch today for a group of 7 friends, Lee, and me. That girl can cook!

The Greek salad that accompanied the grilled cheese.

Lee making my Christmas card (but I didn't know that at the time.)

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