Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dear, dear Florence

The perfect weather, the quiet nights, the scale of the city, the Michelangelo sculptures tucked inside churches like a gift just waiting to be unwrapped, and the friendlier nature of the people have us mesmerized. Falling in love again - with Firenze, with humanity,with each other, with life, with sorrow, with potential - in potentia. It is a place that taps a hidden well. Suddenly, spring is in us - not just in the environment. We feel at home. What is that in a place? More to say once I figure it out. For now...some images:

Yes, this is Lee with a cigarette in his hand.

The cafe at the Palazzo Strozzi where we saw the Picasso / Miro / Dali show today.

The Arno - it is said that Dante and Beatrice fell in love on the bridge - Ponte Santa Trinita that we stand on here. It is our kissing bridge - so seems it may have a history of love!

The Baptistry, il Duomo, the Bell Tower by Giotto.

Looking out the window of our apartment - the Cappelle di Medici. Michelangelo designed it.

In the Palazzo di Ginori - just steps from our own interior apartment door. They have just restored this - I am in awe of their commitment to preserve this beautiful 15th Century building. Available for rent soon!

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