Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Florence as Feeling in pictures

As a visual person, nothing tells me more about Florence than the images. Here are few. I've had very little time to write here. Heading to Bagni di Lucca tomorrow for a "retreat" the last week of this trip. It is an exchange we made for our apartment in New York - we've never been but sounded good! A country farmhouse in the mountains. Will keep you posted.

The oranges at Mercato Centrale - stacked in crates. It is one of our favorite places in Florence and a daily stop.

This guy gets the "Best Butcher" award in Mercato Centrale. He has the most beautiful meats and plays Dire Straight when he's at work.

Bottles of vino everywhere. In Il Magazzino - one of our favorite small osterias.

Insalata di Fagiole e Sopprasata (Salad of Beans and Salami - more like bacon.)

A pair of men talking on a bench near Il Duomo. Such style!

Tourists at the Doors of Paradise at the Baptistry - by Ghiberti - one of the events that started the Renaissance.

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  1. How is it that every time I come to your blog I get hungry? And want to drink wine and open and shut pretty doors?

    Fun pictures. I hope you guys have a great time at your farmhouse.