Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 6: Firenze - Scences from Il Terrazzino

Word of the Day: armadio - large cupboard or wardrobe - originally to house armor.

Picture of the Day:

An armadio in our apartment. Schlepping all that armor up to the 5th floor would have been a lot of work.

We love our apartment here. It is the 4th or 5th time we have stayed here and can't really imagine staying anywhere else. It has that elegant quality of being authentic and enough - nothing we don't need - everything we do (except for a broom.)

This beautiful piece of furniture had to have been built in the room - guessing 16 - 17th Century. I don't know but it is just incredible and beautifully useful. We have our clothing, the bed linens, the ironing board and drying rack, cleaning supplies and even a cupboard for dishes.

Here are some photos from the apartment including a few from dinner the other night which might give you a sense of the experience of being in the place.

It is a long holiday weekend in Florence, a bit cloudy and rainy, but so delicious to be tucked inside this Renaissance relic with bells sounding all around - otherwise, mostly silence.

Renaissance Hallway to our apartment. Building completed in 1520.

View from the Entry

This little window gives us a view of Il Duomo

The reason for the name of the apartment - Il Terrazzino - the little terrace

Our very small kitchen

Tami at dinner - with the lilacs she bought for us.

Tami and Frank on our terrace with views of the city.

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