Sunday, April 22, 2012


Hi, All!
FYI - we are off to Firenze today until May 15.  Boy, do I need it. Do we need it!

Will be blogging and writing and feasting and toasting.

An aside...when we leave today, we also leave our apartment at 5050 Russell Avenue  - and feel so much gratitude for this beautiful place, for the fireplace, for the elegant Duncan McNab and his garden and his art and his beautiful furniture. This was truly home for the last seven years through changes so massive for us that I should write a book about them. It has been a place to grow.

Thank you, Duncan.

When we return, it will be to our new home at 510 Groveland.



  1. If you bring me back some more scarves from the street vendor fellows (the wispy-ish ones, not the pashmina-ish ones) I will pay you back!! The 5 out of the ten I bought that I actually kept for myself are not nearly enough! I am addicted!!!

  2. oh. and have an AMAZING time!!! XXO!!!!