Saturday, April 14, 2012

There's No Place Like Home, There's No Place.....

I have an ambivalent relationship to moving. I am so fundamentally in awe of the fact that we own and will be moving into an apartment in 510 Groveland, a building I've had a crush on for 20 years, that I am kind of dopey and disoriented. Really? I have to pick a floor color for MOI????? Not for a client - easy breezy. For MOI?

I have made some bad decisions. This is probably not encouraging if you are a client. But, trust me, I make much more solid decisions for clients than I do for myself. So, today, after having a MAJOR meltdown about the floors which included throwing the nearest object at walls (twice, btw!) and screeching so loud I almost lost my voice, I just called my sister, Holly, who now lives here in MSP around the corner and is an interior designer by trade and by instinct. As well, she knows me. :-)

The floor issue has gone on for 2 months, and I am so tired of it that I have handed it off to Lee. That I, the control freak, has asked Lee to step in like a negotiator in a United Nations dispute means that I have really hit the wall. But he did such a great job today with the floor guy - and then you add Holly to the mix and I have this team of cheerleaders to help me make a decision which I am mostly incapable of doing.

Granted, this all occurs because we are to move on Wed, April 18. This is 20 days later than originally scheduled. And I think , still, it will not happen.

What is unique is that we are going to Italy on April 22 come hell or high water. We are hosting dear, dear friends who have never been there and, as I HAVE NOT TAKEN A VACATION IN ONE YEAR, and, in that year, experienced the 9-month death of my father, which was kind of intense, I am about ready to pop open and start babbling. This vacation means more to me than anything right now.

Yes, even 510. Even my children's success in life. Even anything.

Okay, back to 510. After my savvy sister met me at 510 with 8 finish samples and walked me through them one by one, we came up with the final two! So by Monday, we will know the winner. I can't thank her enough because I feel incompetent and incapable of making such a decision right now. The place, otherwise, takes my breath away. The mature flowering crabapple trees on the back lawn, out our library and bedroom windows is god incarnate. In the end, I just am so excited to get there - to get home, to make it ours, to be the steward we are called to be at 510 Groveland. We are so grateful for the opportunity to play that role.

Here's a bit of what I am facing this weekend and, see, I can't even focus the camera!

My office. 
My desk!


  1. Sounds like a decision-making overload! OMG! So funny, those "what I'm facing" pictures. Yikes!! Maybe just lower the blinds and unscrew all the lightbulbs?

  2. I noticed those beautiful crabapple trees on my ride in today. They are such a lovely addition to your apartment. You know that feeling you get when you first saw them, you'll be having those feelins all over again when you are in Florence. ciao!