Monday, April 23, 2012

Day I

Arrived in Florence - easy breezy flight!

We started the day by dropping our car at 510 Groveland where it would, after 7 years of street parking, actually be in a heated parking garage! Then we wandered through our new apartment, mostly in awe. It is done for now except for a few details - punchlist items. However, we aren't finishing the kitchen walls at this time. Already over budget, so it will have to wait. But we did remove the remotely Mexican-style tile that was there because we had to get into the walls to handle some electric work. So here are a couple photos of our groovy new appliances - I selected them for their size. They were the only 30" range and refirigerator that are also only 24" deep. Both are European so made for that market where people just have smaller spaces. Loving them - even on the old torn up plaster.

Our Bertazzoni range. So darn cute.
The floor is black marble hex that looks about 500 years old.
From Tile Shop!

The Liebherr refrig -sort of daunting.

But here is the very best part of my discovery at 510. The church bells! We were there around noon and you can't believe the sound of St. Mark's bells. Since I left Charleston in 1985 where the bells tolled every hour, I have had a hollow spot in some corner of my heart.  Well, the bells are back!

Here is a view of the beautiful Hennepin Avenue Methodist Church out our Living Room window. I'm going to feel very holy living between two churches!

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  1. We've been thinking about you guys! I hope you had a wonderful first day in Florence. I can only imagine what you are doing, what fun you are having. Happy travels!! xox