Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day ? in Firenze: Losing Track

Word of the Day: illuminata - enlightened, filled with light

Photo of the Day: Wedding Guests

We have had a couple of full days. So much to absorb verbally, visually, psychically - that I need a lot more napping here. And it takes me a day or two for the visual learning to find a resting spot in my mind from which I can draw to write a blog. Did that even make sense??

On Sunday, we went to a photography museum that Tami and I stumbled upon earlier in the week. The exhibit was of a fashion photographer from the 60's - 70's , one of the greatest of his generation - Brian Duffy. Much like the Lagerfeld photography exhibit in Rome a year ago, we loved seeing modern art housed in ancient architecture. The show and film about his life were inspiring - the film reminded us of the beautiful film "Bill Cunningham New York" from a year ago -  a tribute to an artist, his attitude and his oeurve.

By now it was late afternoon - and we wandered out of the show with no idea what we might do next. There was a Slow Food market with food vendors across the street at Piazza Santa Maria Novella so we wandered through the stalls of olives, wine, fruit, meats and cheeses from local farmers. It was divine and I was having a Madison, Wisconsin kind of flashback. Isabelle would have been in heaven.

Moving through the crowds, we saw another one standing on the steps of the church Santa Maria Novella - with its doors wide open. In front of the group was an adorable little white vintage Fiat with netting bows on each of the mirrors. This was clearly the getaway car for a bride and groom!

So we waited patiently for the end of the wedding to partake in this rich, cultural scene. What a reward that was! Here are some photos from the day: