Saturday, May 26, 2012

So, I am picking up my mail.....


Our excellent entry.

Living Room

I love this kitchen! New (but very old looking) black marble floors, the  deconstructed plaster walls
until I figure out what to do with them, but really loving them just the way they are.

Library | Dining | Hanging out for movie room

More of the same. Love this room the communal mailbox desk at 510 and run into our upstairs neighbor, a woman whom we hardly know but couldn't be cuter and more friendly and she tells me she likes my blog and to get back to work. She's also funny. Then, I run into the other very pleasant neighbor across the hall from her who gave us the most personal set of handmade writing papers and he tells me he enjoys following my blog and I am just overwhelmed with guilt that I am shirking my responsibilities and disappointing people so at that middle of the night darkest hour I vow to get back to blogging today.

And where better to start with photos of our new apartment? We are so over the moon here. Every morning we sit with out coffee made on this amazing little stove (there are flames!) after having lived for the last seven years with the dumbest ever cheap electric stove and almost giggle - grinning ear to ear. Shall we sit facing the beautiful facade of the Methodist Church from our Living Room or shall we face the park-like setting from our Library | Dining Room? It is heavenly and the place has very good energy so I have to thank the people who lived here before us for that I guess.

It just works. Everything from the excellent maintenance person who seems to take out our garbage daily leaving the bin with a fresh liner for us to the lovely people who sign for my packages daily and hand us our mail to the dry cleaning pick up and delivery to the charming old-time laundry room where we can wash both of our loads at one time and get it all done quickly.  Big folding tables, ironing boards, clothesline. So upstairs-downstairs. And we can hardly believe the Miele dishwasher and how quiet it is. I am standing there in the kitchen while it is running and I ask Lee if we need to run the dishwasher! Plus, you gotta love the flatware on the top rack instead of down in a basket where I always impaled myself on knives and forks. I feel like I have just entered the 20th Century. (Not the 21st yet...we don't have much for audio-visual equipment.)

I have said - in my painfully bratty way - the only thing missing is someone to bring my car around in the morning so I don't have to schlep up and down stairs - and I am always schlepping in my business - and lots of tile samples lately. It is really, really good for us here.

So, thanks for putting up with my absence. The apartment is so perfect in so many ways that I don't want to jinx it by telling you all that is not right with the furniture - just suffice it to say, the gears are spinning and I have piles of fabric samples on the floor of the Living Room, so one of these days, I'll recover the chairs and the sofa and get the daybed and art we love from New York and install the oh my gosh amazing Murano 1970's light fixutre we bought in Italy that is now being re-wired.  But then, that might just be too much perfection.

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